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Emergency communication and optical field

  • ROV auxiliary transmitter
  • ROV auxiliary transmitter
ROV auxiliary transmitterROV auxiliary transmitter

ROV auxiliary transmitter

  • Optical fiber 1+1 protection
  • Multiservice mixing
  • Size customizable
  • Product description: The cylindrical design is adopted in the optical equipment, wide temperature and wide pressure can be applied to cable underwater robot seal installed in the warehouse, there is an important part of

The customized business optical transmission terminal uses fiber multiplexing technology to realize 2 way analog video, 2 physical isolation, 100M line speed Ethernet, audio, RS485/RS232 data and switch volume and other signals in the same optical fiber transmission line. The equipment is cylindrical design, wide and wide temperature and pressure can be applied to the sealed bin of a cable underwater robot and so on. It is an important part of the underwater equipment with cable.

Product features
The real channel isolation, guaranteed by the same optical fiber transmission line 2 Ethernet complete physical isolation
The 2 Ethernet wire speed transmission, the total bandwidth of 200Mb/S
Support dual port 1+1 protection function, enhance the reliability of the equipment
It provides 2 Video
We provide 2 two-way data 485
We provide 1 RS232 data
We provide 2 audio acquisition channel
We provide 2 way switch quantity sensor channel
The Ethernet port supports AUTO-MDIX
The optical transfer function of fault interrupt, when the light path line fault to the Ethernet interface LINK signal,
Pass to the end device
Support Ethernet Ethernet support automatic reset function, not crash
Support caller ID
The rich workstatusindicators, can conveniently and accurately understand the device interface, the working state of the links
The built-in high reliable switching power supply, power supply voltage range (100V~260V AC)

Technical indicators
The optical interface
Wavelength: single mode 1310nm/1550nm
Optical line coding: mBnB
Optical line rate: 1250Mb/S
Optical interface: SC/FC
Transmission distance: single mode 0--80 km

The video interface
Impedance: 75 Omega imbalance
Input and output voltage: 1Vpp (typical value)
Video bandwidth: 8MHz, compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM video production
Differential gain: < 1%
Differential phase: < 0.6 degrees
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 68dB
Physical interface: BNC

The Ethernet interface
An Ethernet interface with 2 routes of physical isolation and line speed is provided, with a total bandwidth of 200Mb/S
Support 10M/100M, full / half duplex adaptive, support AUTO-MDIX
Protocol: support IEEE 802.3u
Support the transmission of 802.1Q VLAN frames
Physical interface: RJ45

The RS232 interface
Provide 2 - way RS232 interface
Rate: 300B/S to 115.2Kb/S
Interface: terminal

The RS485 interface
Provide 2 way two-way RS485 interface
Rate: 300B/S to 115.2Kb/S
Interface: terminal

The audio interface
Up to 16 channels of audio
Audio bandwidth: 10Hz~20kHz
Input and output impedance: 600 Omega
The peak value of the output input signal: 1.5V
Sampling frequency: 48KHZ
Physical interface: terminal

The switch interface
Supply 2 way switch quantity
The switch volume is connected to the maximum voltage: 24V
Maximum access current: 1A
Physical interface: terminal

The mechanical structure
Customize on demand

The working conditions
Power supply voltage: +5V
Power consumption: less than 10W
Working temperature: -25 C -60 C
Humidity: 0-90%RH (non condensing)

The underwater robot ROV transmitter

It can be used as follows:
Ecosystem detection,
Marine real-time data acquisition,
Deep sea drilling sampling,
Marine military and so on.
The real return of underwater optical transceiver for the above data, is an important component of underwater robot.

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